The Whole 30 – Committing & Getting Started

What is The Whole 30, you ask? Well, Ill tell you!


The Whole 30 is…well, a diet. I know, I know…the word diet just makes you cringe. This is more than just a diet though, its supposed to be a cleansing…the beginning to a new lifestyle, it literally claims that “it will change your life”.


Here is a direct quote…
“Let your body heal and recover from whatever effects {those} foods may be causing. Push the “reset” button with your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and the downstream effects of the food choices you’ve been making. Learn once and for all how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day to day life, and your long term health.”


I actually heard about this a loooonggg time ago…then lost the paper, ate some chocolate and moved on. Now recently, my amazing, beautiful and oh-so talented {gotta stay the favorite neice ;)} Aunt Lisa re-introduced me to it. After hearing that she loved it and has felt so good after doing it, I am going to suck it up {or in} and commit. I have also committed to a weight loss challenge that involves money! So now that my precious dollars are at stake, I am definitely in.


What can’t I eat? Everything delicious.
…okay, not completely. Just mostly.


Here’s some details:

No sugar of any kind. Wait, WHAT!? NO SUGAR!? but what about chocolate….and cake…and chocolate cake!?!?
Do not consume alcohol in any form. This wont be too hard…although I lurve my moscato. Ill survive.
Do not eat grains. Doable.
Do not eat legumes {beans}. Okay, less farting. Sounds okay…I can manage that.
Do not eat dairy. OHHHH NOOOOO! What will I do without CHEESE!?
Do not eat white potatoes. ::Sadface::.


Oh, and do not weigh yourself for the Whole 30….SAY WHAT?! I am guilty of weighing myself at least once a day…and sometimes 3. I need someone to hide it from me.


What I can eat is meat, seafood, eggs, “tons of vegetables”, some fruits, good fats, nuts and seeds. Did I mention that I wont be allowing any of the “NO NO” foods into my house? No? Whoops. Sorry honey. You’ll have to get your rice and  potato kicks elsewhere. You can keep the kegerator though, I dont like your beer.


I’ll be starting The Whole 30 on Wednesday, January 9th. That date also happens to be the first day of my new job. Woo hoo! Up until Wednesday I am weaning myself off of said no no foods to try and avoid the terrible headaches that come with caffeine and sugar withdrawl. I won’t tell you how much I weigh, because then I’d have to kill you…and I can’t do that because then I am legally obligated as a Nurse to try and save you. That crap ain’t what I call a good time. I will tell you how much I have lost at the end of the 30 days though.


I have begun to purge my kitchen of the evil that is carbs and sugar {I dont throw away good food, so it will be put into a tupperware container and hidden by my husband, and whatever we dont bring back out will be donated}. I will check in here possibly weekly about how I am doing with it.


It’s all packed away….

And just because you HAVE to have one last thing before a big change…


Have you ever done The Whole 30?…or any other cleansing? Share your stories below!

With Love,
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