Three Days In – The Whole 30 & My New Job!

If you’re wondering what the heck The Whole 30 is, click here to see my last post all about it!

It’s FRIDAY!! I survived my first three days of both my new job as a school Nurse, and the beginning of The Whole 30! I’m starving, craving something delicious and oh-so-tired…but I survived. My next weigh in is not until next Wednesday, so I’ll update you all then on that part of it.

What i’ve been eating:

Turkey bacon has been a lifesaver. I cook it ahead of time, separate portions into baggies and put them in the fridge. It’s great to be able to grab and go…especially if im in a hurry in the morning.

This was so my lovely husband wouldn’t eat all of my turkey bacon! He like’s the grab and go too!


Chicken, chicken, and more chicken. Since I knew I was starting this new job and wouldn’t feel like cooking for the next day after work I made enough chicken for the rest of the week. I love chicken, so it’s not hard for me to eat over and over.

Salad. I was never a huge salad lover, but ive discovered that putting chicken in it makes it a whole lot better.

WATER. I dont think I have ever drank so much water in my life. I had really gotten addicted to sodas, so I guess its good that I can’t even have the diet ones on The Whole 30.

That’s obviously not ALL I have been eating, but its the gist of it. I’ve had a terrible headache the past few days, but I’m thinking thats a combination of everything {sugar withdrawl, stress, having bad eyes and not wearing my glasses…}


I also started my new job as a school Nurse. I’m not at any one particular school, so I can be sent to any school in that county. This week has just been I basically observed at an elementry school, a middle school, and a high school. Today was the high school, and surprisingly I actually enjoyed that a lot. I think maybe because they’re sort of self sufficient and I wouldnt have to coddle them like you would a kindergartner {usually…haha}.

I also made a note to myself to not wear the scrubs that I wore today again to that school because theyre the same color as the school’s track uniforms…I blend in to the students anyways, matching their clothes is not a good idea! I’m considering wearing street clothes and a lab coat eventually, just because 1. I’d get to wear cute clothes, and 2. I might look older than in my scrubs..thus like an adult and not one of the students!

My husband isn’t one to send these kinds of things all of the time, so when I do get them I love it!
Makes my whole day better!
If you can’t tell, the photo is our furbaby covered up to the nose in her blanket. 🙂



This weekend I am hoping to do some sort of beauty or DIY post. Anything you would like to see!!?? Comment below with requests!

Luh Yuh!

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