A New Job – Already!

No, I haven’t left my job as a Nurse…I’m just switching departments!

Ever since I started working as a school nurse, the directors of all the other programs were not so secretly trying to persuade me to apply for their departments. It’s sort of become a running joke in the office. Knowing that I ultimately wanted a full time position, my supervisor told me to go ahead if I needed/wanted to. So I did! I applied, interviewed a day later, and got a call to offer me the position the day after that! Yay!


I’m still working as a Nurse, but as more of a Case Manager for the Cancer Division. I’m excited because my main job will be focused on Breast and Cervical Cancer…and those of you who know me know that Breast Cancer research/screening has a special place in my heart. My mom is a 11 year Breast Cancer Survivor and I am so happy that I will be working to get women the screening they need.


My mom walks in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer every year!
Watch out for information on how you can donate to the cause!

I’m already dreaming up how much PINK I can stuff into one cubicle!! I am SO excited that this all has worked out in the best way I could have ever imagined. God has is ways of putting you exactly where you need to be, and I am learning that more and more with the blessings he has provided me.


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