Molly is ONE!!

That’s right! You heard me! My precious fur-baby girl is ONE!! I swear this first year has gone by so quickly. I feel like Steven just brought her home!


We brought Molly home at just 6 weeks old. She was tiny, but fat at the same time. I was in love. She was so timid, and afraid to leave the safety of anyone’s feet {boy, did that change fast!}. She quickly became this rambunctious, bad as hell fun and exciting to be around girl. She has this amazing personality that makes her seem almost human {and I swear I’ve never seen a dog use her paws like hands quite like she does!}.

Our First Family Photo!            


I miss this!

Molly is SO SMART! I think if she were a child, she’d have this incredible IQ that I would be bragging to everyone about. Seriously, the girl can OPEN A LOCKED BABY GATE!!! No, seriously…we have it on tape.






For her first birthday, I made her some dog-friendly cupcakes! Yes, you heard correctly. I made cupcakes for my dog…because I’m the most awesomest pup-mommy evarrr!!! If you’d like the recipe, go here. {I used peanut butter only for the icing because I didnt have a banana, and she loved it anyways}.



Love this face!

Oh, and I totally put a pink candle in it…

..anddd she snatched it up and ran to her “spot” on the couch
and got peanut butter everywhere.



At one year old, Molly can:

 – Sit
 – Lay down
 – Give you a paw
 – Sometimes stay
 – give lots of wet kisses
 – OPEN THE BABY GATE!!!! {we did NOT teach her this!}
 – steal bacon off of the counter when you’re not looking…

She also, is a best friend and most anxiety ridden guard dog I’ve ever had. She knows exactly what to do when her mommy is happy or sad…and knows when I just need her to cuddle with me. I cried on her first birthday…because she is and will always be my first “baby”.

Lots of Love…and wet Molly kisses,

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