Update & Things to Come!

Woah. It’s been way way WAY too long.


SO many things have happened since my last post {I couldn’t tell you what the last one was about without looking, honestly}. I’m going to skip ahead to the here and now, because what’s past is past…and with the exception of getting pregnant with our miracle baby, 2013 kinda sucked.

Lyla is due to make her grand entrance in March, just a little over 2 months from now. So far, my pregnancy has been uneventful…but rough. I could seriously sleep ALL. THE. TIME. and never feel rested. My hips kill, heart burn has made TUMS my BFF, and I haven’t slept through the night since I was around 18 weeks {probably longer…but who’s counting}. I’m crazy excited for her to get here so I can snuggle and kiss my sweet baby girl…and maybe just slightly so I can have my body back to normal.

Some things you might see coming up on the blog:

1. Home. I’m slowly but surely managing to get our house actually organized & decorated. We’ve been here for two years and it’s never quite felt “complete”.

2. Nursery. After MONTHS of hearing “we’ve got plenty of time”, Steve has finally started work on the nursery. I think seeing 10 WEEKS LEFT shocked him into reality. We’re down to 9 now…so he better chop chop.

3. Baby. I apologize in advance for all of the baby posts. I already know I’m going to do a lot of it…again, sorry.

4. Products. I’ve been doing lots of research on organic…chemical free…cost efficient…DIY…and other products. I’ll definitely share my opinions on whatever I wind up trying. {Wool Dryer Balls are first on the list thanks to my bestie, Cara!…making laundry detergent might be next!}

5. Food. With the baby coming we’re really trying hard to stick to a budget…we eat out way too much. So every once in a while if I find a good recipe, I’ll share it.

6. Parenthood. I’m a first timer. I’m sure i’ll make you say “been there” more than a few times.

7. Love. Face it…the blogs name is Graham Love. I’ll sparingly share our ideas on keeping each other a priority a midst  the chaos of being new parents. Our relationship is important too.

I won’t be sharing much photography here unless it’s of something relevant to our family. I’ll be keeping all of those over on the Trina Louise Photography Blog. Feel free to follow both! 😉


Eventually, I hope to have giveaways and fun contests…but we’ll have to see where it goes.


Christmas 2


photo (1)

DSC_0342 copy


Love always,

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